Approaching the Year 2023 with Newton First Law of Motion

Series 1 Acting without Delay

Published on Monday, January 9, 2023
Selected Letter from Collections

This very first article of the year is something I have been thinking of how to write, what to write and when to write it. It may interest you that I recreated my blog or website on December 31st, 2022 to January 2nd , 2023 has I had discontinued the brief experiment of having a blog in WordPress. I did not dish WordPress because it was not efficient, but because I wanted something I could write that permits me to have my entire article in a way I can easily port it over to any platform or without any plugin etc.

Back to the first statement I made above, I was drafting something on programming but my soul kept gravitating towards an article around productivity, action or something that remind me to act than delay. Let me say I procrastinate more than anyone in life lol yeah it may sound brutal assessment of myself but sure yes It is a struggle I should be willing to embrace if I am to move over it and excel. Also, I will say I am a christian and a very happy one at it especially in era where many Software engineers run away from faith exercise (church, mosque or whatever faith they practiced before) lol I don't have figures to back it but many engineers I know seems to have stopped following their faith even the most committed ones. Please note I am not crucifying anyone for choosing to temporarily or permanently stop following the religion or faith they practiced but to say that I am a christian and proud to be one. I got a revelation while praying few days to the new year as I was seeking God direction for my life for the new year. My soul was at a cross-road because I know I am one of the most talented engineer if not the most you will come across. But I had several things on delay, pipeline etc. Hence, I know there has to be away to win this. Suddenly, I heard God minister to my soul saying 2023 is year where every time I choose to act, I would get a solution or breakthrough. I heard clearly again revisiting old ideas I had shelved and also having more patience and tolerance even in the face of adversity.

Tick those boxes by taking actions !

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Please permit me to say today I remember the newton first law of motion very popular during my secondary school days. "Everybody, will continue in it own state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force". Yes, I rather interpret this from taking action or not procrastinating perspective. Meaning every idea myself or you choose not to execute will remain in the to do basket unless you and I decided to act. Every door one chooses not to knock will not open. Even the bible say's "ask and yea shall receive, knock and it shall be opened" - Mathew 7:7. The world is centered around actions hence, this year my goal is filled with things that requires me to act. I pray I am able to do that but at least I am placing a bet on myself to act.

  1. [ ] This year I want to write article more
  2. [ ] I want to study more
  3. [ ] I want to push harder with my PhD thesis
  4. [ ] I want to execute those lovely Ideas
  5. [ ] I want to make myself available to genuinely mentor or teach others
  6. [ ] I want to serve God more
  7. [ ] I want to be more organized and many more I want to.....

At least I have achieved ✅ one of the "I want to" which is write and publish this very first article

Cheers until my next article on programming, I hope we both act this year

Abiola Akinnubi