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About Abiola Akinnubi

My name is Abiola Sylvester Akinnubi.

I am a PhD candidate in computer and information science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and a Software Engineer by the day. I have had a rare privilege to work in end to end aspect of software engineering across multiple industry. Historical I have also worked as a geophysicist (yeah i know SEG-Y lol) and data engineer.

I currently also do UI Engineering at Infinity Ward an Activision Blizzard Studio working on a AAA title game.

Also, my current research is focused on knowledge graph as part of my PhD thesis. I hope to continously write various engineering, academic and productivity article here.

I am also involved in various engineering and geoscience non-profits with goals in inspiring others, teaching and mentoring

Hopefully, I will add a bit more about me here at some point but here is a link to my google scholar (still growing) google scholar.